We launched DHC token back in September 2020 and so far Uniswap is the go-to marketplace for all members and traders to buy/sell DHC.

With the launch of liquidity mining program in late January 2021, we have around $1M in DHC-ETH pair liquidity now which has enabled our members and all traders to trade large volumes without much slippage and large price fluctuations.

What's Next?

We believe to provide additional liquidity and facility to all DHC members/traders, we need a market-making solution that would further strengthen DHC position.

Introducing DHC Counter

DHC Counter is our market-making solution. Simply put, when you buy DHC from the…

In case you are wondering, what are we talking about and what this is all about, stop right now and read here about one of the most exciting and rewarding NFT game out there that was played along for past one month! 😃

Finally the Eurkea Moment has arrived! Lets find out what happened!

Game Duration: 1 Month (25th Dec 2020 to 25th Jan 2021)

🚹Eligible Players : 1800+ (All DHC Members)

🎯Total Entries: 19

🔴Disqualified Entries: 1 (Less tokens and incomplete NFT deck)

Final Winners: 18 (14 Early Backers + 4 Believers/Hodlers)

💰Total Prize Money: $15000 ($10000 for Early Backers + $5000 for Believers/Hodlers)

📒Distribution Details: Each early backer won…

Lately, liquidity mining has been a very lucrative strategy for liquidity providers and projects alike with a win-win scenario where liquidity providers enjoy lucrative rewards as well as 0.3% Uniswap fee and projects enjoy more liquidity that enhances trading experience for users with high confidence and low slippage.

DHC being a 100% community driven and community focused takes pride in incentivizing our members and everyone who wish to join DHC ecosystem.

Today, we at DeltaHub Capital are taking a bold step to give away 9% of DHC total supply reserved for treasury (900K $DHC tokens) as liquidity mining reward to incentivize our users when they stake their Uniswap DHC/ETH V2 LP tokens.

Synergies to Achieve

  1. Incentivize community members to add liquidity to DHC/ETH pool on Uniswap.
  2. Enable our members and all traders to trade large volumes without much slippage and large price fluctuations.
  3. To…

Today, at DeltaHub Capital, we are thrilled to announced our strategic partnership with DeFi Wizard -A one click solution for Multi-chain DeFi Legos.

We at DeltaHub Capital always look for ecosystem synergies and believe this partnership has great potential and will provide meaningful exposure to both projects in an increasingly crowded DeFi and crypto space.

This partnership enables DHC to utilized DeFi Wizard cutting-edge technology and resources to provide best in-class solutions for our loyal community members. Befitting this great moment, we will be launching DHC Liquidity Mining program early next week in collaboration with DeFi Wizard.

About DeFi Wizard

Current problem is…

Xdef Finance AMA

Shifu: Hi Jeremy! Lets begin.

Jeremy: Sure.

Shifu: How you doing? Crazy times with BTC ATH and all that…

Jeremy: Yup. Altcoin seasons and perfect time for us to launch the coin. Gas fees are crazy right now.

Shifu: Yeah indeed…. Thanks for sparing the time for AMA especially with launch scheduled for tomorrow.

Jeremy: Yes sir, Anytime to interact with the community members and answer their queries.

Shifu: So, let us know about yourself, a bit of background and what brought you into crypto?

Jeremy: Hello everyone, I am Jeremy from @CombineFinance and @xdefifinance. We were here since with…

Today, at DeltaHub Capital, we are thrilled to announce our strategic investment with Insured Finance, a Polkadot-powered platform that will facilitate the insuring of a broad range of digital assets. DeltaHub Capital is the pioneer of the Community Governance Economic Model (C-GEM) and prides itself on being a leader in collaborating with innovative and exciting new crypto projects. We are delighted to commit our long-term support to Insured Finance and believe it will become a leading digital asset insurance platform.

Current problems in digital asset insurance

Limited Pools (no individual or custom coverage, no protection from rug-pulls, pre-set coverage pools)

Unacceptable Pricing and Collateralization (high premiums…

Boost It!


About a month ago, we at DHC started exploring NFTs and presented our first and rarest NFT “Saga Begins” that opens a gateway to early-backers tier. In the following weeks we added few more including our recent Christmas pack and launched Eureka- A NFT collection game.

Launching NFT Boosters!

Today, we are adding another utility to the DHC NFT pack. The Booster mechanism!

Each NFT will have a certain boosting multiplier associated with it to upsize your individual allocation. Check out the details below.

Booster 1: Saga Begins — $DHC Multiplier 3x + 6 ETH

Every wallet who owns “Saga Begins” will have a max cap of 6 ETH in any active pool. On…

The Eureka Moment


NFTs are on the rise and for all the right reasons. Creators, influencers, digital artists and enthusiasts are are alike passionate about them and so are we. This Christmas we have decided to reward our members with special presents from Santa…. Christmas NFTs, but that's not all!

You need to reach out in quest for more presents until the moment you have all four NFTs. That is when you say “Eureka”! This is your real chance to win the grand prize of $10,000 in DHC tokens.

“Eureka -Chapter I” -The Game of NFTs

This Christmas is special as Santa has decided to give each one of you…

FireProtocol AMA

Shifu: First of all very welcome to you Danny from AMARoom, its members and DeltaHub. Hope this is gonna be a fruitful session.

Danny: I hope so too. A big fan of DeltaHub since 2018 or so…

Shifu: Also congratulations to Fire Protocol being the first project on Huobi chain.. Its a nice achievement… How do you feel about it?

Danny: Awesome — when my friend intro the idea to me — I said right away lets do it! This is a great opportunity in my opinion.

Shifu: Alright so lets start the formal Q&A session 😃

Can you please…

A very warm welcome to Yield team @Tim_YIELD @Justin_YIELD @Jan_YIELD and congratulations as well to successfully concluding trustswap public sale today.

Thank you, happy to be here.

Can you please introduce us to YIELD? Who was it made for and what problems does the product aim to solve?

YIELD is a regulated licensed bank managed by a team with a proven track record in FinTech, and we offer transparent governance through our YLD token.

Our goal is to go beyond DeFi, and provide a more rewarding digital banking experience, where people around the world can easily…

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